Get Clear On Your Values, By Aniksingal

One of the most powerful things I’ve ever learned about is core values.

If you ever purchase something by AnikSingal, core values are something that he talks about all the time.

There’s a reason for that: they are the key to living a happy, fulfilled life.


What Are Core Values?

Values represent our unique and individual essence, our ultimate and most fulfilling form of expressing and relating. They also serve as a compass that points out what it means to be true to oneself.

Core values are your own. Your core values are different than AnikSingal’s core values. When we honor our values on a regular basis, then life is good. When we don’t, then there’s something “off” about it. That’s why getting clear on what your values are is essential to creating a fulfilling life.

That said, it’s hard sometimes to get perspective on our values. When we’re reflecting on our values, we usually fall into some kind of weird intellectual fantasyland where we talk about the values that we think we should have, rather than the values that are actually important to us on a deep level.

Even when we get a sense that we are on the scent of our true values, it’s really hard to find the right words to describe them.

How to discover your core values

The best way to discover your core values is to reflect on peak experiences in your life. When did you feel most alive?

During those moments, a core value was almost certainly being honored.

At the same time, your “low” moments are also clues into your core values. After all, during those moments a core value was probably dishonored.

You can also get clues about your core values from the people you most admire. One of the reasons you admire those people is probably because they’re embodying a core value of yours.

How to describe your core values

One of the challenges of core values is actually describing them.

That’s because in many cases, a single word doesn’t adequately describe what your core values are.

When you’re trying to nail down your core values, try using multiple words to describe it.

For example, instead of writing down “excellence” as your core value, you can write down success/integrity/performance, which may more accurately reflect what you’re trying to express.

You’ll know you’ve identified a real core value of yours when you read it and feel something from it. After all, a core value is one that resonates with you at all levels. It inspires and motivates you.

What to Do With Core Values

Once you’ve taken some time to discover your core values, you don’t just want to sit on that information. You want to actually do something with them.

That means looking at different areas of your life – from your career to the people you spend time with – and ask yourself a simple question: am I honoring my core values in these areas of my life?

If the answer is yes, then keep moving forward! If the answer is no, then reconsider some of your choices.

Most likely, when you look at your life you’ll see a complicated picture. In many areas, you’re probably honoring your core values. In others, you’re probably not.

The more awareness you have about this, and the more action you take on that awareness, the better off you will be.

Applying JUST what you’ve learned here on core values is enough to increase your overall level of happiness 5X in the coming years. That’s how powerful core values are!

About the Author:

AnikSingal is a Founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc., an e-learning company with a mission to change the world by creating information entrepreneurs worldwide.

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